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Trans health

It's not always easy for trans individuals to find the information they need about sex and sexual health. These pages will give you that information, and they are also suitable for partners and medical professionals.

Words Matter...

The words we choose to label parts of our bodies can be as individuals as we are. To keep things simple, we have used medical and anatomical terms to make it clear which parts we are talking about. However, we do understand that some trans people find these terms uncomfortable.

We use the term 'transmen' to cover the range of masculine-identified trans people. By this we mean anyone who was labelled female at birth but who identifies as male. This includes people identifying as FTM, gender queer or simply men - albeit men with a trasn history.

We use the term 'trans women' to cover a range of people across the whole spectrum of trans feminine-identified presentations and behaviours; by this we mean anyone on the gender variant spectrum who was labelled 'male' at birth and who identifies as female. This include gender queer or otherwise non-binary people labelled 'male' at birth.

We also use male and female terms, although we know that not everyone uses them.


The information and text on these pages is based on those provided by THT in 'Trans Women; Trans Health Matters' and 'Transmen; Trans Health Matters' booklets.

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