Trade Sexual Health

Free, confidential health advice, information,
services & support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual
and trans communities of Leicester,
Leicestershire & Rutland

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  • Sex Love Life - We Are Open (February 2021)

What's happening?

Introducing Gavin: our new CEO

Thursday, 8th December 2022

                         I’m excited to join Trade Sexual Health as the charity’s new Chief Executive Officer. I’m not entirely new to Trade, as I was one of the cha...

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Fighting HIV Stigma Rally in London - coach travel from Leicester

Wednesday, 7th December 2022

2022 marks 40 years since Terry Higgins was the first person in the UK to die of an AIDS-related illness. Over the past 40 years many organisations ​across the UK​, like Trade​, have been working hard to increase awareness, edu...

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Online STI Testing

Watch our step-by-step demonstration video for the top tips on how to get the right amount of blood for your blood sample.

World AIDS Day 2022


Men's Sauna Clinic - Club 29 (2-5pm) (Every Wednesday)

  If you're a guy who has sex with other guys, either inside or outside of the sauna, you can access this free and confidential full sexual health screening from an informal, non-clinical setting run by Leicester Sexual Health. This clinic...

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